Tips on Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

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Posted on 23rd September 2023

Tips on Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipping

There are plenty of reasons you may require international car shipping, whether you're making a move overseas or want to bring the caravan with you on holiday. Whatever the reason, preparing your vehicle for shipping is paramount for a smooth and hassle-free journey. As a leading vehicle transport company in NZ, we've outlined all the tips and tricks you need to know before shipping your vehicle.

Thoroughly Wash Your Car Before Shipping

First, you'll want to give your car a thorough clean before it starts its journey to a new destination. Not only will this help ensure your car looks its best upon arrival, but it also serves several practical purposes. A clean car can help identify any pre-existing damage or scratches on your vehicle and ensure you can see any imperfections in the paint or bodywork. A clean car can help you spot any pre-existing dings or damages on your vehicle and take stock of its condition before shipping. Not skipping this step is crucial, as it could result in disputes or misunderstandings between you and the shipping company. Taking the time to inspect your vehicle carefully upon delivery can save you a lot of trouble down the road. It's essential to remember that some countries have strict regulations regarding allowing cars to enter their borders. If a vehicle is not properly cleaned, it could carry harmful plant material or insects that could hurt the local environment. Failing to wash your car before travelling could result in the vehicle not passing quarantine inspection upon arrival, leading to additional expenses and delays due to necessary cleaning and re-inspection procedures.

Clean the Interior of Your Car

While cleaning your car, remember to give the interior a good once over, too. Along with preventing unpleasant odours from developing during transport, removing any loose items from the interior will stop them from bouncing around and potentially causing damage to the interior of your vehicle during shipping. No personal goods can be inside the vehicle when you ship your car via roll-off. Your vehicle may be refused shipping if it is discovered you have not removed everything from the interior. So, give the boot, glove box, and centre console a good clean-out beforehand; you don't want loose change and other trinkets preventing your car from reaching its destination.

Take Detailed Photos Before Shipping

After ensuring your car is in pristine condition, take a moment to snap some photos. Be sure these photos are of excellent quality and carry a clear date stamp. Aim to capture the entire vehicle from multiple angles. Building a comprehensive photo record is essential to protect yourself in the unlikely event of any damage occurring during transport.

Vehicle shipping - Cars being transported by boat

Leave the Tank as Empty as Possible

When transporting your vehicle, it is not required to have a full tank of gas. You only need enough gas to drive on and off the vessel. Filling up before shipping will only make your vehicle heavier and potentially more hazardous. If you ship your vehicle inside a container, this becomes even more important. Vehicles must have minimal fuel, and the battery needs to be disconnected to meet the dangerous goods regulations. No matter your shipping method, it's always good to leave the tank as empty as possible.

Ensure You Have the Correct Documentation Ready

Before transporting the vehicle, shipping companies must be able to tell which vehicle belongs to you. This step is crucial in preventing the shipment of stolen cars. Prepare all your documentation in advance to avoid any delays with your transport. Car transporters usually require the following paperwork: • Vehicle registration • Bill of sale • Your identification

Disable any Car Alarms

When shipping your vehicle, it is important to disable the car alarm to avoid any unnecessary disturbances during transport. Car alarms can easily be set off during transportation due to vibrations throughout the journey. If the alarm is going off frequently, it can drain the battery, leading to issues when it arrives at its destination.

Start Your Next Adventure with Cars2NZ

Taking the time to properly prepare your vehicle for shipping will help minimise any hassle or surprises along the way. To get your vehicle where it needs to go, you can rely on Cars2NZ. With over 20 years of experience in international shipping, we are the most trusted partner for your vehicle transportation needs. We offer a range of vehicle transport services to help Kiwis start their next adventure on the right foot. For more information, contact our friendly team today.

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