International Shipping

International Shipping

If you have cargo or a vehicle
that needs to be moved and you are looking for an overseas shipping company, then look no further.

With over 20 years’ experience in international shipping, we have
fine-tuned our processes so that it
is as easy as 1-2-3 for our customers.

From collection to delivery, we pride ourselves in an unwavering quality of customer service and a personal and friendly approach.

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Your 1-2-3 Step Guide to International Shipping

Step 1: Collection and Packing at origin

Step 2: Shipping

Step 3: Delivery to chosen location

Leave it all to us, we provide a complete service from shipping, Customs and MAF clearance, packing, delivery and insurance.

We cover Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

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Top Tips

If You Need to Ship Inner Cargo:

Avoid the following cargo:

"McCullough Ltd, handled the whole process impeccably. They saved me multiple headaches by sorting out all the documentation on my behalf. They Custom and MAF cleared my cargo within 3 days when my last shipment (not with them) took 2 weeks. Their process was absolutely simple and stress-free. My cargo arrived in perfect condition. Would recommend highly”.

Adrian Lodge – Nov 2010

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