Machinery Shipping

Machinery Shipping

Everything You’ve Always
Wanted to Know About Shipping Machinery

Our business is moving your cargo, either shipping it to New Zealand or shipping it
from New Zealand. We live it, we breath it,
we love it.

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Shipping machinery can be incredibly challenging, due to the sheer size and weight of the equipment, and only with a great deal of planning can you ensure that it will go smoothly.

Shipping Machinery: Your 1-2-3 step service

1. If You Are you a private individual

Step 1: Collection and Packing at

Step 2: Shipping

Step 3: Delivery to chosen location

Leave it all to us, we provide a complete service from shipping, Customs and MAF clearance, packing, delivery and insurance.

3 SIMPLE steps to get your machinery from A to B:

2. Contact us with your machinery specifications:

3. Let us know your suppliers details and our local agents will liaise with them directly to organise shipping.

4. Relax. We’ve got it all covered. We will:

Incoterms define who is responsible for various fees related to shipping. If the goods are bought “ex-works”, then the buyer only pays for the merchandise. If they are bought “FOB”, the buyer is also charged for cartage to the port or bond and export documentation; “CIF”, and the price also include Ocean Freight and Insurance.

2. Let us know your cargo specifications:

3. We will:

4. Relax. We’ve got it all covered.

For a FREE vehicle shipping quote,simply fill in this Form, email or phone us on 09 303 0075

Shipping heavy machinery is our domain of expertise, including:

For a FREE vehicle shipping quote,simply fill in this Form, email or phone us on 09 303 0075

Simple Tips

Simple Tips to Stress-Free Cargo and Storage Shipping:

“I called McCullough Ltd when my old agent failed to unpack up my Drain Truck from the wharf. I had only 7 days to get my truck onto a job in Tauranga. McCullough promised to make the deadline date and they delivered on their word. Not only did McCullough make the deadline but they were less expensive and thoroughly more competent than my previous agent. I urge anyone looking for a new customs agent to call McCullough, particularly if you want to have your machinery delivered without a scratch and on time.”

Phillip Lee – Dec 2010

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