Useful Shipping Information

Useful Shipping Information

Cars, caravans, motor homes, heavy machinery… Shipping
them can be a complex process, but not with McCullough.

You need to have total confidence in
your shipping company, and trust that
they will look after your cargo with as
much care as you would. And we do just that, every day, and have been for over
20 years.

Our extensive experience and our dedication to excellence mean that we constantly review our practices to offer our customers a streamlined and efficient process, from shipping to clearing your cargo through Customs and MAF. We get things right first time, every time.

If you are looking for reliable shipping information, we’ve got it all!

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To find the most important information quickly, you may want to visit the following pages:

  • FAQs: For all these shipping questions that keep you awake at night!
  • Information Pack: We have put together a convenient ‘take home’ pack with useful printouts that you can keep for future reference.
  • Links: See for yourself which prestigious partners we are proud to be working with.

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What to Look Out For in a Shipping Company

Although it can be tempting to choose the company with the cheapest quote, it may turn out
to be a false economy if they are not experienced, as you could
end up having to pay extra if
they have missed steps.

Find out whether the company you are considering has a good track record when it comes to shipping between your point of origin and your destination:

  • Do they know how to prepare the relevant paperwork correctly?
  • Can they get your cargo or vehicle cleared and off the port promptly?
  • Do they use the shortest routes to offer you value for money?

Case Study


Following the devastation brought to Thailand by the tsunami in 2004, Vic needed to have
his Unimog Camper shipped out of Thailand to New Zealand urgently.

What we did

Under such extraordinary circumstances, it
was crucial that we took immediate action to organise the shipping of Vic’s Camper as soon as possible so that he could focus on getting his family and himself to safety without
worrying about his vehicle.

We prepared all the necessary documentation and, as mail services were severely disrupted, gave it to our hand-picked Thai agents whom we briefed thoroughly about the procedure.

We collected Vic’s camper and put it on a Roll-On-Roll-Off vessel. We had arranged with the shipping line some extra space so that Vic could also ship some personal belongings at the same time.


FVic’s camper safely reached New Zealand 20 days after he and his family had themselves arrived. The vehicle was cleared 3 days later, including 1 day to clear the personal items.

Vic’s Testimonial

“Under pressure against severe adversity, McCullough delivered. My family and I are eternally grateful how they capably removed an enormous stress from our life.”

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