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Posted on 6th May 2022

Now that New Zealand has flung open its borders to Australia, there’s no better time to cross the ditch, so why not take your bike with you? With some of the best bike tours across Australia within a short flight’s reach, why not? Its wide-open plains, red earth, and miles of coastal roads make for a perfect way to let your hair down and take to the tarmac on your trusty motorbike.


Australia is a big place, so there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a bike tour that works for your kind of holiday.


Take a Tour of the “Greats”

If we can take anything from road names, Australia sure does think a lot of itself. Yet, when you’re roaring down the Great Ocean or Great Alpine roads, it’s hard to argue for any other name. Let’s explore where these roads will take you (and your motorbike, of course).


Take in Sea Air on the Great Ocean Road

It may have become an Instagram icon, but the Great Ocean Road is more than the 12 Apostles (although they are spectacular!). Take your two-wheeler all the way down this 664-kilometre stretch of coast from Melbourne, and you’ll come across waterfalls, lookouts, and lighthouses that will take your breath away.


Once you’ve wound your way eastward, stop off for a surf and a lovely beach picnic, before stashing the steed in and staying in one of the many luxury Airbnb options along the route.


Motor to new Heights on the Great Alpine Road

The Great Alpine Road is the highest year-round accessible sealed road in Australia! That sounds like a mouthful, but what it means is you can access beautiful mountain views any time of year, all on smooth, smooth bitumen.


The 339-kilometre route winds through Mt Buffalo National Park in Victoria for a little wildlife therapy and staggering nature walks. Be sure to end your motorbike tour on Gippsland Lakes for a calming wind down with plenty of wine and good food!


The Great Southern Touring Route Won’t Let You Down

Speaking of wine and good food, the Great Southern Touring Route is known to be a mecca of craft beer, great fishing, and even better seafood! Make your road legs short so you can enjoy the full plethora of pubs and bistros. It includes the Great Ocean Road, but goes a little further, looping through wine country before taking you back to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.  


Wind Through Wine Valleys in Adelaide

The Adelaide Hills are one of the best motorbike tours across Australia for a reason. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, and a tipple at every toilet stop!


Our favourite route starts in Golden Grove and ends in Tea Tree Gulley. It’s a foodie journey that’ll wipe any hardcore bikie stigma away as you coif fine wine and dine on the freshest produce Australia has to offer.


Pace Through the Pacific Highways Hot Spots!

For a motorbike ride that will take you through all of Australia’s hippy havens and hot spots, the Pacific Highway is a great option. With rivers on one side and the majestic Pacific on the other, it’s a ride steeped in nature.


Start in Sydney and work your way up. After a day or so, you’ll hit Byron Bay, a favourite among the in-crowd, before stopping at the sleepy surfer town of Lennox. If you want some fresh fish to fuel you after a long day in the saddle, the historic fishing village of Brunswick Heads will fill your belly.


Tasmania and the 99 Bends Road

If the mainland isn’t appealing, Tasmania offers gorgeous natural landscapes without all the business. Wherever the motorbike takes you in Tasmania will be worth it, Strahan to Derwent is a route you can’t go wrong with. It will take you through the infamous 99 Bends Road, which truly does live up to its name!


Stop off along the way for nature walks and bask in the quiet solitude of the tiny island in the middle of the sea.                        


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