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Posted on 16th September 2020


Wondering what to do with the kids during the school holidays?  Hyundai might have the perfect answer!  They’ve developed a build-it-yourself push go-cart with free plans for any parent wishing to tackle this project with their child/children (Dads- you have to share).


Hyundai got the idea in the early days of Covid19 when families all over the world were spending more time together at home.  They saw it as an opportunity for kids to continue learning and for families to connect through shared experiences. 


It was a totally different challenge for the Hyundai design and engineer teams (who are used to complicated projects) to create a simple soapbox design which could easily be replicated at home.   Anytime parts become too difficult to copy using regular tools and materials, the teams would go back to the start, pare back and test new models.


We think they came up with some awesome ideas like the screwdriver handles used for steering.   And all the materials used to make the soapbox are found in local hardware stores – from the wooden frame and chassis parts to the wheels from a wheelbarrow.   


Most people can relate to a soapbox which takes them back, not just to their childhood, but to a simpler time with fun memories.  For many of us, it was our first taste of adrenalin!


The design team also wanted to bring a few Hyundai design elements to the soapbox, and have based the exterior frame on a simplified version of the Hyundai 45 concept car


The car is designed for children to drive and is around 1.7m long x 1m wide.   Kids steer via the two joysticks connected via metal rods to the front axle and a simple friction brake is used.  Then its time to paint as you wish - perhaps red flames on the sides or racing stripes?  All instructions, videos and images can be found on the Hyundai website.


Problem-solving, building and other traditional life skills will keep young minds interested and focused.  Just don’t mention it’s educational and you’ll be onto a winner!



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