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Car Technology

Why Car Companies Are Hiring Computer Security Experts

Posted on 30th June 2017 – Car Technology

Cars are increasingly computerised and connected nowadays, prompting manufacturers to hire computer experts to manage cyber secturity.

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What Autonomous Cars Mean for Road Safety and the Legal Framework in NZ

Posted on 14th March 2017 – Car Technology

With several companies developing autonomous vehicles, the prospect of driverless cars on the road is no longer science-fiction, and they might well become part of the landscape in our generation. Although autonomous cars are still in testing mode, there have been impressive technological advances in what sensors are capable of and an increasing number of functions are now controlled by the vehicles rather than human beings.

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Leading Car Manufacturers Turn to Virtual Assistants

Posted on 31st December 2016 – Car Technology

Five leading car manufacturers have started the year with the announcement that they had reached agreements with technological giants to add Virtual Assistants to new cars.

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Are We There Yet? The Future of Driverless Cars

Posted on 4th March 2016 – Car Technology

With accidents most often caused by human error, driverless cars seem to be the answer to safer roads.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.