Covid-19 Alert Level 2 Update

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Posted on 20th May 2020


Well, hasn’t it been a very weird time?  The world ‘closed for business’ for a while (with many still closed), and businesses that could operate, had to do so remotely.

What did this mean for vehicle shipping on a global scale and where are we now?


Alert level 2 Update

As the world opens again, cargo can flow to and from international ports.   


However, there are now fewer vessels in the market due to the lack of cargo. Furthermore, cargo arriving at ports of countries in lockdown is difficult, because some overseas manufacturers are closed. 


So, expect delays – especially as we navigate our way through destination Covid-19 rules. Here are some examples:


  • Australia cargo is flowing as per normal.
  • The UK is still in lockdown so freight in and out of the UK is slow.
  • Japan has also slowed shipping with their Covid-19 restrictions.


At Alert Level 2, cargo arriving into New Zealand can be cleared and delivered.  Any vehicle that was in storage (due to dealers being closed)during Alert levels 3 and 4 have now been released. 


We receive the latest information from ports around the world, so when restrictions are lifted, we are informed of changes.


Our 1-2-3 shipping process makes it easy for our customers.  Our many years of shipping experience means you do not have to worry about numerous shipping documents and international regulations to get things done!  See how we can ship your car, campervan, bike, truck, yacht, or digger anywhere in the world at cost-effective rates.


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