Importing a Caravan to NZ – What You Need to Know

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Posted on 15th May 2023

Importing a caravan to New Zealand can be a complex process, but it can be a smooth experience if you’re prepared and well-informed. Whether you are relocating to New Zealand or planning to bring your beloved caravan along for a vacation, there are a few things you need to know before importing cars to NZ. So, buckle up and discover how to get your caravan into NZ without stress!


Comply with NZ Vehicle Standards

Before you import a caravan to NZ, you must ensure it complies with the New Zealand Vehicle Standards. NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) sets strict rules and regulations that imported vehicles must meet before being used on NZ roads. Your caravan must pass a compliance inspection to confirm that it meets these standards and can register in NZ.


Electrical Safety Standard

Electrical safety standards ensure that your caravan's electrical system is safe. Before importing a caravan, a registered electrical inspector in New Zealand must issue a Warrant of Electrical Fitness (WoEF).


Gas Safety Standard

The Gas Safety Standard for caravans in New Zealand mandates that caravans have a gas system that meets safety regulations and is certified by a registered gas fitter. This standard aims to prevent gas-related accidents and ensure that caravans are safe for occupants.


Brake and Tow Bar Standard

The Brake and Tow Bar Standard for caravans in New Zealand requires brakes that meet specific safety standards and a tow bar compatible with the vehicle towing the caravan. This standard ensures that caravans can be safely towed and controlled, reducing the risk of accidents on the road.


Structural Integrity Standard

The Structural Integrity Standard for caravans in New Zealand aims to ensure that caravans can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough road conditions. Caravans must meet weight limits and have a valid VIN to ensure they are safe and compliant with New Zealand regulations.


Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Standard

The Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Standard for caravans in New Zealand is in place to regulate the number of pollutants and greenhouse gases that release into the atmosphere. This standard ensures that caravans have low emissions and do not contribute to air pollution, climate change, or environmental harm.


Before importing a caravan into New Zealand, read up on these standards and ensure your vehicle checks every box.



Obtain the Necessary Documentation

To import a caravan to New Zealand, you must obtain various documentation before customs clearance. The legal ownership of the caravan can be proven with ownership documents, while registration documents indicate if you can register it in the country of origin. Customs clearance requires a commercial invoice with the caravan's value. A roadworthiness certificate certifies the caravan's safety for New Zealand roads, and an emissions certificate shows compliance with emission standards. Maintaining all necessary documentation is critical to avoid delays in the importing process.


Determine the Importation Costs

Importing a caravan to New Zealand involves several costs you need to be aware of beforehand so your wallet doesn't receive a nasty surprise:


  • Shipping: The shipping fees will depend on the distance between the countries, the size of the caravan, and the shipping company used. 
  • Customs clearance: Customs clearance fees and taxes will also vary depending on the value of the caravan and the country of origin. 
  • Compliance Inspection: Compliance inspection fees will depend on the number of standards the caravan needs to meet, and any modifications required to meet these standards will add additional costs. 


Factor in all these fees to determine the total cost of importing a caravan to New Zealand and avoid unexpected expenses.


Arrange for Customs Clearance

After your caravan arrives in NZ, arrange for customs clearance. You must provide all the necessary documentation and pay fees to clear your caravan through customs. A customs broker can help you navigate the customs clearance process and ensure your caravan is cleared as quickly as possible.


Register Your Caravan

After customs have cleared your caravan, the next step is registering it with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). You must provide all the necessary documentation, including the roadworthiness and emissions certificates, to prove that your caravan complies with the country's regulations.


Hit the Road with Cars2NZ

You'll need to jump through a few hoops when importing a caravan to NZ, but with the right knowledge and proper preparation, you'll be able to hit the road in no time!


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