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Posted on 19th December 2022 – Luxury Cars

Are you moving to New Zealand for good? Congratulations! While moving to the beautiful island nation sounds like a dream, there are moving logistics to consider. It's a long way from your previous home, and we want to ensure you've covered everything.


This blog post provides a quick breakdown of what you should prepare in this moving checklist – including booking your tickets, moving your belongings, and dealing with luxury auto imports!


Six months before the move

Deal with personal possessions

When you move abroad for good, you'll need to sort through your belongings and decide which ones to bring, sell, discard, or store. We recommend organising your possessions very early on because the truth is, you can't take everything with you!


Decide whether you want to hire a storage unit, host a garage sale, or donate the things you no longer find useful. Once you've narrowed down the things you need, you can start arranging an international shipper to transport them once you arrive in New Zealand.


Contact shipping companies

New home - check; new work - check. Now that you've covered the basics, you need to figure out how to move your belongings from your current place to New Zealand. Remember that the moving process can take a while, and shipping can take weeks to months.


Organise shipping this as early as possible; after all, who wants to live in an empty house? If you're planning to move some of your heavier belongings, such as a luxury car, motorbike, or caravan, partner with a reputable international car shipping company. These companies can help you professionally move your vehicles abroad.


Prepare your luxury car for transport

Before you drop your luxury vehicle off for international shipping, we recommend cleaning it first. Unload items to make sure you don't add to the overall weight. Why? Because the total weight of your car will play a significant role in how much you'll spend shipping your luxury vehicle to another country.


An empty car also ensures you don't ship away any items or personal belongings you need on hand. You want to make sure you have plotted the date of your vehicle's arrival to ensure you're present when it arrives in New Zealand.


Three months before the move

Prepare your documents

Securing vital documents and ensuring your visa is in order early spares you from encountering potential problems while en route. Request official copies and personal documents so you can process your mail, bank accounts, and government IDs much faster once you arrive.


Book airline tickets

Booking your flight to New Zealand months before your actual move allows you to secure more reasonably priced tickets. You can search, compare, and track the best price online. When you book well in advance, it's one less thing to think about down the line. Remember, there's no price for extra comfort and peace of mind.


One month before the move

Sort out insurances

Make sure you have booked travel insurance for your flight and shipped items. Insurance is essential when travelling as it covers losses and provides emergency medical benefits. The same applies to your belongings that are travelling to a specific destination.


Whether it's appliances, furniture, or more significant investments like luxury cars, you need adequate protection to ensure they stay intact. You want your car in the same mint condition when it arrives at your destination. At Cars2NZ, we handle the organisation and arrangement of export documentation. We also take care of your comprehensive insurance covering your vehicles, luxury cars, and motorbikes – from pickup to delivery at your destination.


Have paperwork ready

All the paperwork sorted ahead of time means fewer surprises. You'll experience less stress when coming to New Zealand. Once you have your documents with you, it will be easier to register for services in New Zealand. Here are some of what you need in hand:

  • Traveller Declaration
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Academic qualifications
  • References from previous employers
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae/Resume)
  • Credit references
  • International driver's licence or permits


Get some local currency

You can use your credit card once you get to New Zealand, but having local currency is handy. You can get foreign currency in cash at your local bank branch. You can also order currency online for delivery. Depending on your bank, it could take days to a week before getting your requested cash currency. You should order at least a month before to ensure you receive the money before you leave.


Safe and hassle-free car transport with Cars2NZ!

Congratulations, you've made it to moving day! Now that everything is packed and shipped and you've said your final goodbyes, it's time to board that plane. You can breathe a sigh of relief as you put one chapter to a close and begin another adventure in the beautiful Aotearoa!


Make your moving day stress-free with Cars2NZ. We specialise in international car transport services and make shipping your car to New Zealand as easy as 1-2-3.

Our easy - 3 step shipping process

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Documents & shipping
Delivered to your door

Tell us the pick up location and we'll arrange a date & time

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Enjoy your toy, after it's delivered to your door anywhere in NZ.

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