A Guide to Safe Roads & Even Safer Road Trips

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Posted on 5th May 2022

New Zealand has some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, so why not use picking up your new car as a chance for an old-fashioned roadie? There’s nothing more exciting than a road trip with friends or family, but it’s even better if you’re guaranteed safe roads along the way.


Road safety is largely about common sense, high alertness, and plenty of tourist stops. We’ve put together a few more road safety tips to keep your next roadie fuss-free.  


Do you need an excuse to get on the road? Many people who import cars to New Zealand will take them to the big ports such as Auckland, Wellington, or Nelson. If you live a little further into the heartlands, take the opportunity to test your wheels and feel the tar under your tires on your next road trip! 


Map a Safe Road Route & Plan Big Before You Go

The number one tip for a road trip is to plan! A spontaneous road trip is fun, but what isn’t ideal is being lost with an angry petrol light & a sad phone signal.


Planning a route will not only help with navigation, but it’ll also tell you the exciting stops to look forward to. This includes the next best bakery for a quintessential Kiwi pie!


Use A GPS & Lock in Your Route

The best bet for a good route planner is a GPS. It doesn’t have to be anything high-tech, simply plug a destination into a phone to get a rough idea of where to head and how long to expect. This way you can plan for petrol stations and driver swaps – plus pack adequate snacks!


Plan Your Breaks

Safe roads need alert drivers, so plan breaks, snacks, and naps! Set a goal to stop every two-three hours, even just to open the doors and let in some fresh air and unbend your knees!


Got Kids? Pack & Play Roadie Games!

Are we there yet? It’s a classic, and it gets old very quickly. To keep the kids entertained, breaks are important, but so are fun games! Pack all sorts of things to keep the kids occupied. If possible, go to the toy shop beforehand for tiny toys, wrap them, and present them at strategic intervals along the way! You’re welcome.


Brag About Your Roadie

Tell people where you’re going and when to expect you. This way if you fail to show, someone knows to check in on you, or raise the alarm should anything appear wrong.


Book a Pre-Roadie Vehicle Inspection

It’s always a good idea to give your vehicle a good once-over before a big road trip. Before you leave the port or your home, check the oil, tires, and water at an absolute minimum. It also pays to check you have a spare tire and the tools to change it!


A full service isn’t a bad idea before your trip, and usually, the complimentary valet means a nice clean car to travel in – bliss!


Chill Out! Cool and Calm your Nerves with Air-Con

An unexpected tip is to keep your car cool. Heat makes us sleepy and sometimes a little hot-headed. We want to remain awake to keep ourselves and our passengers safe! So, crank the air conditioning and chill as you whip down the highway, and traverse New Zealand’s winding canyons.


Enlist Your Passenger to be a Tag Team or Car Assistant

Don’t let passengers see the roadie as a free ride, they’re here to help too! Make sure your friends or family know they’re second-in-command. Put them in charge of all directions, DJ duties, and snack distributions.


This will take pressure off you as a driver and keep distractions to a minimum for optimum safety.


Simple Driving Tips for NZ Roads

New Zealand roads are beautiful but bumpy. If you’re in a campervan in New Zealand, it’s best to keep on the right (or left!) side of the road. To keep our picturesque roads safe, here are a few quick tips:


  • Pull to the left to other motorists pass – New Zealanders are lovely, but they’re not patient drivers, so safe roads often mean letting them overtake!
  • Look further ahead than normal. Always look at least 2-3 cars ahead of you. This way you can be more prepared and aware.
  • Keep your eyes moving and use your mirrors! Hazards come from anywhere, so make sure you’re aware of the whole vehicle & others.
  • Create a bumper area. The general rule is 3 seconds between you and the car in front. Try to keep a little space on the sides and back too, just to be safe.
  • Pack an emergency kit! Make sure to have a first-aid kit in the boot, as you never know what could happen.


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