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Posted on 20th July 2019


Australians are the largest visitor market to New Zealand, making up almost half of all international visitor arrivals. Furthermore, New Zealand remains the number one overseas destination for Australian travellers too.


Kiwis and Aussies have a lot in common. Both lovers of retail therapy, the great outdoors, cricket and good food!


A staggering 71% of Australians favour the self-drive option when visiting New Zealand.  Similar road rules, English as a first language and driving on the same side of the road make the self-drive choice an easy choice to make.


So, when you’ve packed the campervan and ready for some Kiwi hospitality, here is some prime foodie hotspots (along with a lovely glass of vino. Or two). 


Become a Local

You can’t visit New Zealand without eating a pie or three. Kiwis are very serious about their pies (especially a quality steak and cheese variety). Every year the prestigious Pie Awards makes front-page news, giving pie makers celebrity status until the following year.


They’re also serious about their coffee.  A famous celebrity chef was once quoted “There are only three places in the world where you can get a decent coffee.  New Zealand, Australia and Italy”.  Enough said. 


Other iconic New Zealand foods include fresh oysters from Bluff, a mussel fritter and hokey pokey ice cream. 



Where the majority of travellers enter New Zealand, Auckland is a melting pot of every global cuisine imaginable.  Asian food styles including Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian and Chinese can be found all over Auckland, none more so than Auckland’s Dominion Road. There’s even a giant chopstick with noodles statue!   You can also easily find Indian, Italian, French, Mexican, Fusion, Vegan and Vegetarian and cafes-a-plenty with gluten-free options.  With so much on offer, Google is your best bet when searching for a good eatery nearby.  


Just North of Auckland is Matakana which indulges visitors with delicious morsels and fresh produce every Saturday morning at the Matakana Village Farmers Market


Hawkes Bay

Lots of gorgeous sunshine makes great food and great wine, and the Hawkes Bay has both in spades!  Schedule in a Food Heroes Tour or let someone else do the driving by joining a Wine Tour. Craggy Range Vineyard was voted Number 11 in the World’s Top 50 Vineyards at the International Wine Challenge, 2019. 



The Marlborough Wine and Food Festival in February is a big deal.  For food lovers, wine lovers and anyone looking for a great atmosphere.


This is New Zealand’s longest running wine festival held in a world-renowned (and stunning) wine-producing region. Attendees sample award-winning wines and outstanding local cuisine.  The atmosphere and produce make for a fantastic weekend and tickets are available on their website.   


These are just some of the stand-out regions but to be fair, you will never be far from quality ingredients.  Scattered with farmers markets and food festivals, Kiwis are looking for an excuse to get-together and enjoy good food.  And as you’d expect from a country which has a large body of water around it, seafood is always on the menu.  


This strong farming country with a tepid climate and surrounded by oceans is a seriously delicious destination.

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