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Posted on 24th August 2020


At times, unwanted travellers come in on imported vehicles and vehicle parts.


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) are currently working a list of requirements to prevent the brown marmorated stink bug from entering New Zealand shores.  Vehicles parts and machinery are considered ‘risk goods’, especially when coming in from high-risk countries (landing in New Zealand and Australia) between 1 September 2020 until 30 April 2021. 


For current requirements for vehicles to New Zealand please click here. And, for vehicles entering Australia please click here.  High-risk countries include the United States and all Western and Eastern European countries. A full list of countries are found here.


Thankfully, the stick bug has not entered New Zealand and Australia shores yet, but it is a cunning little bug and a very clever hitchhiker. Previously, it has been found in vehicle door panels and right within car seats where they are hard to spot.    They love nice warm homes, so if you’ve recently returned from Asia, North America, Chile, or Europe recently, check your luggage thoroughly for unwanted guests.


Why are they called stick bugs?  

Well, when they are crushed, they smell like sweaty socks! The smell is also hard to remove once they’re squashed.


Why are they a nuisance?

Stink bugs are responsible for the loss of agriculture and horticulture and can cost a country millions in lost revenue.  First discovered in northern Italy in 2012, they have become an enormous issue, with some orchards losing 100% of their crops and farmers having to walk away from their land!


What if I find one?

MPI asked that you do not kill it but catch it and take a photo and call them straight away on 0800 80 99 66.  They can’t be treated with everyday insecticides so MPI will come to your home or business to remove them properly. 


What about my shipped vehicle?

McCullough Shipping will take care of all your vehicle importing and exporting requirements and ensure that all documentation meets customs strict standards so they isn’t a delay with your vehicle.   If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us on +64 09 309 1163 or send us an email. 


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