What is marine insurance, and do I need it?

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Posted on 29th November 2019


Like other insurances, marine insurance prepares you for life’s unexpected scenarios.  


Though your vehicle is not sailing the seas on the Titanic, the likelihood of the ship sinking or running into enormous icebergs is highly unlikely, but marine insurance covers much more than extreme situations.


Do I really need marine insurance?

We always recommend you do.  Simply because throughout its journey, your vehicle will come in contact with many hands and many docks.  The crew need to secure your vehicle to the vessel or crate, then there’s custom inspections, loading and unloading.  And though the personnel and shipping agents we deal with are experts in their industry, nothing in life is guaranteed – just like the time you broke down on the motorway!


How do I know if I’m covered?

If you are shopping around for quotes from vehicle shipping companies, be sure to ask if marine insurance is included (and the level of cover) in the quote as generally marine insurance can be an additional cost.  Also ask about any exclusion or special clauses, as you would for any other insurance, so you know what you are paying for.   


So, yes, the likelihood of something happening is minimal, but peace of mind is a wonderful thing!  And, if your vehicle is a vintage beauty, a high-end campervan or a much-loved motorbike marine insurance can give you just that!


What if I need to make a claim?

Before and after photos are crucial, as you’ll be asked to present evidence if something has happened to your vehicle during transportation.  Take detailed shots and close-ups of both the interior and exterior for an accurate reference.   


If common-sense, plain English (vehicle) shipping advice is what you’re after, give us a call on (09) 309 1163 or use the free quote form online.  We take care of all the shipping documents and make the whole process easy for you. 

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