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Posted on 26th November 2020


Moving house comes with a lot of small fiddly jobs.  And, of course, very big jobs as well.  Checklists have their place, and this is one of those times when they are invaluable. 

This list will offer you a good basis to work from and put those fiddly jobs into motion.    


Personal and house-related services

  • Your accountant, bank and credit card providers.  Contact the IRD so they know of your change of address. 
  • Doctor, dentist, orthodontist, optometrist, vet, physiotherapist and any other health professionals you or your family see.  They may also be able to recommend a specialist in our new location which can save you a lot of groundwork.     
  • Loan companies (including student loan)
  • Insurance providers (house, life, medical and vehicle).  Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure there are insurance policies in place before reaching your destination).  Check your contents insurance covers your belongings during removal.
  • Mobile and broadband providers    


Other service providers such as:

  • Garden rubbish collection, lawnmower, etc
  • Electricity, gas and water provider.  Make sure these are all in place at your new home as well.
  • Government departments such as rates and ensure your mail is redirected. 


Others you may not have thought of:

  • Gym membership
  • Magazine or catalogue subscriptions
  • Return library books
  • Entertainment such as SkyTV and Netflix


Delegate where you can

What jobs can you hand over to a professional to save you precious time?  Professional movers, a housecleaner or gardener and a Mini skip removing unwanted rubbish. Professionals can be money well spent especially if paperwork and customs requirements are part of the equation.   

We can help you transport your car, truck, campervan, motorbike and even heavy-duty machinery.  Not to mention MAF clearance, shipping documentation door-to-door service, cargo insurance and even competitive foreign exchange rates.






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