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Posted on 1st October 2019



Australia.  Yep, she’s a pretty big place.  So big in fact, Australia is a continent all by herself.


If you plan on driving from one city to another, chances are it is going to take you some time.  So, here are our top tips for long drives, hot days and continuous straight roads.


Choosing the right wheels

You’re going to want a trusty set of wheels.  Breaking down in the middle of nowhere (and there’s a lot of that in Australia) is not ideal.  Have you considered shipping your vehicle to Australia?  It isn’t as daunting as it sounds because McCullough Shipping takes care of the paperwork, customs, road taxes and MAF requirements. 


McCullough looks after your vehicle with as much care as you would, to ensure fast and secure delivery to your destination.  Cars, motorhomes, motorbikes and vintage cars, it’s an easy 3 step shipping process McCullough has been specialising in since 1991.   


Taking your own car means knowing it’s history, reliability and no rental fees – just petrol which you would have been paying for at home anyway!  Tip: Check your water, oil, tyres and power steering oil often.  


And if you are shipping a motorhome, this is the perfect way to see Australia with a vehicle, accommodation, cooking facilities and the freedom to stop wherever you choose, all rolled into one.   


Where to stop

Australia offers hundreds of free camping sites which can be found on Free Camping Australia that also includes farm stays and low-cost camp options.


Australia has lots of cities in the east and west with large areas of desert across the central parts.  Be realistic about what you can see in the time you have but for amazing beaches and wildlife, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and Queensland are just the ticket.


A comfortable and safe driving experience

Decent air conditioning is a must, especially if you plan to travel Australia in the Summer and early Autumn months (December through to April at least).  Cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have a more varied temperature range, but Western and Central Australia are warm to very hot year round.


Most importantly, take lots of breaks. After all, you not only want to drive Australia, you want to see Australia too.   Long straight roads can result in driving distractions so keep yourself safe and share the driving, if possible. 


If you are camping, be mindful of deadly snakes and spiders and annoying mosquitoes.  Google what precautions you need to take.


An abundance of sunshine equates to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, so keep your eyes out for roadside goodies when driving through orchard regions.  It’s easy to eat well in Australia and with strong Greek, Italian and Asian influences there’s delicious food to be found in all the major cities – including massive prawns!   


We certainly recommend stopping in Mooloolaba or Noosa, using the public barbeques right on the beach, chatting to the friendly locals and soaking up those beautiful views.  Thumbs up Australia!


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