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Answers to Frequently Asked Car Shipping Queries

  • Shipping to NZ and shipping from New Zealand can be complex tasks and you would be forgiven if the prospect of tackling it on your own gives you nightmares where you find out that you are missing a crucial form at a crucial moment, and that costs are starting to spiral out of control.
  • But you are not alone and we are there for you! With 20 years’ experience shipping and clearing all sorts of cargo for customers, we can do it in our sleep – without the nightmares!
  • Over time, we have refined our procedures to offer a stress-free service to our clients, and as easy as 1-2-3. No raised blood pressure, no hidden costs. With McCullough, you know exactly what it is going to cost you at the very beginning.

Can I put items inside the vehicle?

Can I ship my car when the vehicle is under finance in Australia?

Do I have to deregister my vehicle in Australia?

Does the quote include Compliance and Registration?

Does the quote include delivery to Compliance?

Does the quote include Marine Insurance?

Does the quote include Pickup in Australia?

How do I make a booking?

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

How long does it take once my vehicle arrives in New Zealand?

How long does it take?

If I don’t qualify for ‘Zero GST Payable’, how much GST will I have to pay?

What is Compliance?

What is MPI?

When and how do I pay you?

When are more questions going to be added

When do I deliver my vehicle?

Where do I deliver my vehicle?

Will my car comply in New Zealand?

Will my vehicle be below deck?

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