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McCullough’s have spent 20 years studying and refining every aspect of the process that gets your vehicle delivered in perfect condition to another part of the world. Want the best price combined with the best quality of care? That’s us. McCullough’s simple 1-2-3 step vehicle shipping service reporting for duty! Get your free quote now. It’s that simple.

Vehicle Shipping: Your 1-2-3 step service. We’ve got you covered.

pickup_at_originStep 1 Pick up at origin and packing

Vehicle/boat cartage costs that are quoted upfront with no hidden charges (including e.g. Carnet and Temporary Imports. Advice on the most appropriate and safest method of transportation e.g. Flat bed transporters,Covered vs uncovered and Special ramps for container loading and unloading. Approved experienced vehicle transporters to personally oversee the transporting of your vehicle/boat. A comprehensive vehicle/boat pre-shipment condition inspection and report before pickup.

Hand selected local agents who specialise in vehicle/boat packing to personally oversee its professional packing, including overviewing of : Roll-on-roll-off (RORO), Container, Break-bulk, Crate – either steel or ISPM15 timber.Trailer, Custom made cradle, Port Cranes for boat lifts in or out of the water.

Complete organisation and arrangement of:

All titles and export documentation with Original documentation hand delivered or couriered to your compliance centre or private  address. Comprehensive marine insurance covering the entire process: From pickup at origin to delivery at destination.Exceptional foreign exchange rates and online trading capabilities (if required).

approvedStep 2 Shipping

Our high volumes and our strong 20-year-developed relationships with shipping lines and airlines means we’re able to offer you the most competitive shipping rates backed up with irrefutable experience.We have shipped, Customs and bio security cleared vehicles/boats all over the world so we comprehensibly understand all: MAF,  Customs and Port requirements in NZ and overseas.We can offer you the ability to consolidate your vehicle/boat to ensure you get the best possible shipping rate.
deliver_to_your_doorStep 3 Delivery to your door

Be cleared by experienced authorised brokers.Taken immediately to a secure warehouse and unpacked (by experienced people who unpack and discharge vehicles/boats daily).

Have arrangements made for:

A thorough vehicle/boat post-shipment inspection  with photos taken (to ensure no damage was caused in transit).A MAF inspection.Cleaning (if required). Cleaning is carried out on site at the Customs Bonded Warehouse and ensures that there is no extra transporting or  handling of the vehicle.Viewing at the bond store (at your request).Safe delivery to your final destination on specially designed, purpose built trucks by local and national transporters who know all about vehicles/boats because they handle them for a living.

Our easy - 3 step shipping process

Advise pick-up location
Documents & shipping
Delivered to your door

Tell us the pick up location and we'll arrange a date & time

We handle all customs & shipping including insurance

Enjoy your toy, after it's delivered to your door anywhere in NZ.

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