The Best Caravan Models to Import to New Zealand

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Posted on 22nd December 2023

Are you considering importing a caravan to New Zealand and looking for the perfect model to suit your needs? Look no further! We've done the research for you, exploring the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of some of the world’s best caravan models.

Whether you're seeking spaciousness, high-end luxury, family-friendly options, or budget-friendly choices, we've got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll also cover what you need to know about shipping heavy machinery like caravans into NZ.

Six of the Best Caravans to Import to NZ

1. Bailey Alicanto Grande Evora: A Spacious Retreat

The Bailey Alicanto Grande Evora is a top-tier option with a price tag of NZD 79,000. Boasting a 4-berth capacity, this 8ft-wide twin-axle caravan offers an impressive spec.

The front lounge is airy and can comfortably accommodate six individuals. A small sideboard adds a practical touch for storing odds and ends. However, the table under the rear island bed can be tricky to access.

The kitchen caters to culinary enthusiasts with its four-burner dual-fuel hob, ample storage, and separate oven and grill. The end washroom exudes a hotel-like feel, featuring a spacious shower cubicle, a generous basin, and a big mirror. The rear bedroom provides good storage and an airy atmosphere. This Bailey model won the Best Caravan Over £30,000 category at the Practical Caravan Awards in the UK.

2. Adria Altea Dart: Stylish and Welcoming

Priced at just under NZD 57,000, the Adria Altea Dart is a smart caravan with a sleek silver exterior and GRP sides. With a 4-berth capacity, it retains its U-shaped lounge, central washroom, and rear island bed layout but with a cosier vibe.

The Adria Altea Dart is famous for its great storage, good spec, and warm and welcoming interior. This beautiful touring caravan now features Symalite interior walls made from recycled materials, providing better insulation. Felt pockets and a fold-out shelf enhance storage options, compensating for the bedroom housing the table.

The washroom is decent, albeit with a basic shower. The rear bedroom, with a large Heki and windows, is well-lit and comfortable.

3. Coachman Laser Xcel 855: High Style and Comfort

At NZD 96,500, the Coachman Laser Xcel 855 stands out as our list's most expensive but stylish option. With a 4-berth capacity, this twin-axle van offers a sociable L-shaped lounge with a 32-inch TV and a nicely lit space.

The kitchen is impressive, resembling what you'd expect in a motorhome. The central washroom has mixed reviews, with a "poky" shower but a well-lit offside washroom. The rear island bed transforms into a comfortable daybed with shelves for additional storage.

The Coachman Laser Xcel 855 provides spaciousness, style, and high comfort levels, earning it recognition at the Owner Satisfaction Awards.

4. Swift Challenger 480 SE: Revamped Elegance

Priced at NZD 59,000, the Swift Challenger 480 SE underwent a revamp for 2023, making it a worthy addition to our list. Its 2-berth capacity offers a stunning exterior with GRP front and moulded rear panels.

The lounge accommodates six individuals, and a large sunroof illuminates a gorgeous interior. The side kitchen is well-equipped, and the rear washroom layout works exceptionally well for a 2-berth caravan.

The Swift Challenger 480 SE won the Best Caravan Under £30,000 category at the Practical Caravan Awards, impressing with its build quality and ample storage.

5. Compass Camino 650: A Layout Suited for Couples

Priced at NZD 82,000, the Compass Camino 650 is a 4-berth caravan that won the best caravan for couples category at the Practical Caravan Awards 2023.

The widened 8ft layout creates a comfortable interior with a spacious rear island bed. The central washroom features a spacious shower cubicle, and the L-shaped lounge is a great area for relaxing. The kitchen, facing the side part of the "L," adds a sociable touch. The Camino 650 offers a clearly defined layout ideal for couples, making it a unique choice among 4-berth caravans.

6. Weinsberg Cara One 400LK: Budget-Friendly Family Option

If you're on a budget and need a family-friendly caravan, the Weinsberg Cara One 400LK is an excellent option at NZD 82,000. Its 5-berth capacity impressively fits into a compact length of 4.02m.

The lounge can accommodate four, but the interior style is considered plain. The rear bunks make it attractive for families, offering an ideal sleeping space for children. The Weinsberg Cara One 400LK provides a budget-friendly and lightweight way for families to embark on a tour, winning the Best Caravan Under £20,000 at the Practical Caravan Awards.

Importing Caravans to New Zealand: What You Need to Know

 Imported caravan on scenic New Zealand road

Importing caravans to New Zealand from Australia and the UK offers practical options due to road standards and electrical compatibility similarities. While cost-effective when shipping in containers, the UK incurs a 5% Customs Duty and a 15% import GST. Australian imports use roll-on-roll-off shipping to provide a smoother process with no size restrictions and lower costs.

Key considerations for Australian imports include duty exemptions and GST advantages, emphasising the importance of thorough research. Essential documentation includes the Bill of Sale, proof of clear title, and NZ Customs import client code. Compliance for electrical, gas, and self-containment is crucial, with authorised agents recommended.

Understanding the cost breakdown for UK caravan imports, covering freight, insurance, and government charges, is essential. Ensuring cleanliness before delivery helps avoid additional costs, while marine cargo insurance is vital for comprehensive coverage during ocean freight.

Learn more about Importing Caravans to New Zealand.

The NZ depot release and delivery process involves MPI inspection, necessary clearances, and a 3-4 working day release period. Planning and understanding associated costs and documentation are crucial for a seamless caravan import experience to New Zealand.

The perfect caravan knows no borders

Finding the right caravan for your New Zealand adventures involves considering your needs and preferences.

Whether you prioritise spaciousness, luxury, family-friendliness, or budget-conscious options, the international market offers a range of models to suit every traveller's taste.

Importing a caravan to New Zealand can be a rewarding experience, opening opportunities for memorable road trips and exploration. MMNZ specialises in importing cars to NZ and can assist with your import of a quality caravan or motorhome.

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