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How to Make Importing Your Car into New Zealand Straightforward

Posted on 23rd November 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Importing a car into New Zealand isn’t as complicated as you may think it is. Although the country does have stringent vehicle compliance regulations, they are not impossible to abide by, and as long as you have the right documentation, your vehicle will be one of the many that are being imported from overseas into the country every year without any problems.

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The Importance of Complying with MPI Requirements When Importing a Vehicle into New Zealand

Posted on 16th November 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

The Importance of Complying with MPI Requirements When Importing a Vehicle into New Zealand As an island, New Zealand has been isolated from certain pests and diseases, and the introduction of foreign species could have a disastrous effect on its ecosystem. This is why the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has put in place a set of strict rules for any import.

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International Shipping Trends

Posted on 9th November 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

International Shipping Trends International shipping wasn’t spared by the 2008 worldwide financial crisis. The sudden decrease in consumer demand not only affected manufacturing and retailers, but also the need to transport goods. This, in turn, drove shipping prices higher, which was passed on in retail prices, and led to weaker consumption, in a seemingly inescapable vicious circle.

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The Benefits of Shipping by Sea over Shipping by Air

Posted on 2nd November 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Whether you need to move goods for business purposes or your possessions, you will, at some point, ponder over shipping them by sea or by air. On the one hand, sending them on a plane is, without a doubt, the fastest, and if time is of the essence, it will be a valid choice. On the other hand, sea shipping, despite being slower, offers other disadvantages which often make it a better option.

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Which Factors Affect Shipping Costs?

Posted on 26th October 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

While shipping cargo by sea is more economical than other forms of transport, it is nevertheless susceptible to the same price pressures. There is, of course, inflation, but the cost of commodities can also have a direct impact, such as the rise and fall of the cost of crude oil.

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