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Shipping Vehicles

The Benefits of Transporting Your Car or Work Vehicle

Posted on 19th December 2022 – Shipping Vehicles

Are you moving houses or relocating to a new city? We share the benefits of hiring vehicle shipping companies when it comes to transporting your cars!

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How to Get a Warrant of Fitness When Importing Your Car into New Zealand

Posted on 1st September 2018 – Shipping Vehicles

Before a vehicle is allowed on New Zealand roads, it must pass technical tests to check that it is roadworthy and that it meets environmental standards. The process is called ‘entry certification’ at the end of which you will be issued with a Warrant of Fitness.

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How to Import a Car From Japan to Australia

Posted on 30th April 2017 – Shipping Vehicles

Japan is well known for its high cost of living, so it may surprise you to hear that it is a great place to buy everyday second-hand cars. With a reputation for great quality and longevity, they are indeed a very attractive proposition and more people in our corner of the world turn towards that country to find bargains.

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RORO vs Containers

Posted on 14th February 2017 – Shipping Vehicles

Whether RORO or container shipping suits you better will depend on factors such as your budget, which port your car will be shipped to and from and whether you wish to transport personal belongings at the same time.

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Shipping Vehicles from Australia: Questions and Answers with McCullough

Posted on 31st August 2016 – Shipping Vehicles

We pride ourselves on our transparent process, and always welcoming clients’ questions, so here are answers to the ones we get asked most often.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.