Should I Take Marine Insurance When Shipping My Car?

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Posted on 15th September 2013 – Shipping Vehicles


The likelihood that the ship carrying your car will sink is rather low, but this is not the only situation in which you would need insurance. Throughout its journey, your vehicle will go through dockyards, be either secured directly to the deck of the vessel transporting it or put in a crate, go through Customs and be inspected before being released to you. All personnel involved with your car will be highly trained and careful, but, like with anything in life, the unexpected can happen and this is why we would always recommend that you consider marine insurance.

Most people would agree that it sounds like a good idea, but what isn’t always made clear to customers is that it isn’t automatically included in quotes, unless you have specifically asked for it. You may therefore end up in a situation where you think your car is insured, only to find out that it isn’t when you want to make a claim.

Therefore, when you get a quote, make sure that you clarify whether or not it is included, as well as the level of cover, as various starting and end points are possible, from port to port, door to port (and vice versa) and door to door. Ask about any exclusion or special clauses, like you would for any other insurance.

In the event that your car is damaged and you want to make a claim against your insurance, you would be asked to provide evidence. The best way is before/after pictures, so take many close-up photos of your vehicle before handing it over to the shipping company – interior and exterior – as they will be your reference points. And make sure that those photos are sharp and details visible as necessary.

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