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Classic Cars That Deserve to Move with You

Posted on 19th December 2022 – Classic Cars

If any car deserves to come with you when you move, it’s a classic! We run down some of the classiest cars and what makes them worthy to bring home with you!

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Prepare Your Move & Luxury Auto Import

Posted on 19th December 2022 – Luxury Cars

Moving to New Zealand is equally exciting and stressful! Here's a guide to help you prepare when moving you and your luxury car to beautiful Aotearoa!

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Is Your International Driver’s Licence Valid? Rules & Regulations for Driving Overseas

Posted on 19th December 2022

Once your car has safely landed, it’s time to get driving! We explore rules and regulations that every holder of an international driver’s licence should know.

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Qualities of a Premium Horse Float Brand

Posted on 30th November 2022

When it comes to horse floats, the ones that keep your animal safe and comfortable are best. Here are some tips for identifying a premium horse float brand.

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Costs and Fees to Consider When You Import Car to New Zealand

Posted on 20th October 2022

Depending on your shipping option, certain fees are involved in importing motor vehicles and cars to New Zealand. Here’s a useful list of potential costs.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.