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What does shipping a car to New Zealand cost?

Posted on 22nd September 2021

If you’re thinking of importing a vehicle to New Zealand, there are several costs to be aware of before you get started.

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Our guide to the best freedom camping sites in New Zealand

Posted on 22nd July 2021

Discover the best freedom camping sites across New Zealand for an unforgettable motorhome trip.

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International vehicle shipping methods: RoRo vs. Container

Posted on 21st June 2021

Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping are both great options if you are shipping a vehicle to or from New Zealand. Discover the differences here

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New Zealand is headed for a ban on fossil fuel vehicle imports by 2035

Posted on 26th May 2021

Given our government’s new focus on emissions reduction, it is likely that fossil fuel vehicle imports will be banned by 2035 to make way for more electric vehicles.

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How can Cars and Trucks Share the Road Safely?

Posted on 16th April 2021

Deaths from crashes involving trucks are responsible for 19% of the road toll in New Zealand. This doesn’t include the near-miss crashes that cause serious injuries either, so there is a very real problem.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.