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Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’

Posted on 1st December 2018 – Automobile Industry News

Over the last few years, Volkswagen has been in the limelight, and not for the right reasons, as they were found guilty of deliberately cheating in emission tests and putting on the market diesel cars that didn’t meet legal requirements.

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Why Are Car Recalls Still Not Coordinated on a Global Scale?

Posted on 31st July 2018 – Automobile Industry News

Car recalls are not uncommon. Yet, it sometimes feels that they are somewhat random. Find out the reason behind it in our article.

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Stricter Fuel Standards Set to Bring Cleaner Cars to Aussie Roads

Posted on 15th January 2018 – Automobile Industry News

In 2000, the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 was the first significant legislative framework to set national fuel standards for Australia. A new study is now paving the way for the next step.

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The End of Car Production in Australia

Posted on 30th September 2017 – Automobile Industry News

Throughout the 20th century, Australia has had a proud history of car making, with international manufacturers opening plants. However, it will come to an end in October 2017 when both Holden and Toyota will close their doors, a year after Ford.

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The 'Carbon Tax' That Would Rise the Price of Popular Cars by $5,000

Posted on 14th July 2017 – Automobile Industry News

Most developed countries have adopted a range of measures aiming at encouraging people and businesses to steer away from fossil fuels. Recently, a rumoured plan for a new strict carbon-emission tax sparked controversy.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.