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Unusual Vehicles

Military Vehicles You Can Buy

Posted on 31st March 2017 – Unusual Vehicles

If you like making heads turn, you can buy a classic car, one that will awe people with its beauty and history. Or you can buy something a little bit different. A police car perhaps, or if you want something really out of the ordinary, why not buy a military vehicle? While some of them, like the "Duck" amphibious truck, might be difficult to park in the street, others can actually be used every day.

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The World’s Coolest Amphibious Cars

Posted on 30th September 2016 – Unusual Vehicles

Why we are so fascinated with amphibious cars is hard to put your finger on, but the fact is that they capture our imagination and inventors regularly come up with strange and beautiful vehicles equally at ease on land and water.

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How a T-Rex Could Improve New Zealand’s Resilience to Earthquakes

Posted on 22nd August 2013 – Unusual Vehicles

How a T-Rex Could Improve New Zealand’s Resilience to Earthquakes Two years after the terrible earthquake which destroyed large areas of Christchurch and claimed the lives of 185 people, parts of the city are still cordoned off.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.