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Customer shipping experiences - telling it how it is.

I told McCullough what I needed. From there, they handled the rest. It really was as simple as that. Couldn’t ask for better…or for more.

Vaughn Lowe


I was nervous about shipping my boat - particularly spending heaps of money and getting landed with errors and hit with additional costs. McCullough did exactly what they promised. I calculated that McCullough saved me 1000s of dollars and countless hours, by taking control and handling everything AND offering me clever insights and recommendations. Their shipping process was faultless and they managed my budget and expectations meticulously.

Aaron Buxlink


I can’t fault McCullough’s flawless1-2-3 step process. 6 weeks from start to finish. My car left USA and arrived in Auckland in the EXACT condition I expected it to. I’m TOTALLY happy but my wife….hmmm…. Because it was such a painless experience, I’m now bringing my dream car into NZ which means that we either extend our garage or her car is out on the driveway!

Barry Briggs


I called McCullough Ltd when my old agent failed to unpack up my Drain Truck from the wharf. I had only 7 days to get my truck onto a job in Tauranga. McCullough promised to make the deadline date and they delivered on their word. Not only did McCullough make the deadline but they were less expensive and thoroughly more competent than my previous agent. I urge anyone looking for a new customs agent to call McCullough, particularly if you want to have your machinery delivered without a scratch and on time.

Phillip Lee


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