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What to Look for in an International Shipping Company

Posted on 22nd September 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Re-locating is a considerable amount of work. You may need to find another job, a new home, new schools, and also choose a shipping company to transport your possessions promptly and in the same condition as when they were entrusted to them.

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Should I Take Marine Insurance When Shipping My Car?

Posted on 15th September 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Throughout its journey, your vehicle will go through dockyards, be either secured directly to the deck of the vessel transporting it or put in a crate, go through Customs and be inspected before being released to you.

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How the Humble Container Revolutionised International Shipping

Posted on 8th September 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Shipping a container to New Zealand presents many advantages over RORO. Read our article to see how it all started and why they are a good option.

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5 Easy Steps to Stress-free International Car Shipping

Posted on 31st August 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Shipping your car overseas doesn't need to be stressful. Find out what it is all about thanks to our 5 Easy Steps reference chart.

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Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Car Shipping

Posted on 22nd August 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Car Shipping Shipping your car abroad sounds worrisome, but it is actually a fairly straightforward process. The key is preparation, and here are our Top 10 Tips to help you:

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