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The Benefits of Shipping by Sea over Shipping by Air

Posted on 2nd November 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Whether you need to move goods for business purposes or your possessions, you will, at some point, ponder over shipping them by sea or by air. On the one hand, sending them on a plane is, without a doubt, the fastest, and if time is of the essence, it will be a valid choice. On the other hand, sea shipping, despite being slower, offers other disadvantages which often make it a better option.

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Which Factors Affect Shipping Costs?

Posted on 26th October 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

While shipping cargo by sea is more economical than other forms of transport, it is nevertheless susceptible to the same price pressures. There is, of course, inflation, but the cost of commodities can also have a direct impact, such as the rise and fall of the cost of crude oil.

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Shipping Heavy Machinery: What You Need to Know

Posted on 19th October 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Shipping containers, cars, motorhomes is one thing. But shipping heavy machinery such as bulldozers or cranes? That is always an interesting challenge, as their weight and odd shapes require different handling and procedures.

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Size Does Matter!

Posted on 12th October 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Size Does Matter! Longer than Auckland’s Sky Tower by 70m at 400m long, 20 storeys high when fully loaded, it is hard to really grasp how enormous Moller-Maersk’s newest ship, so called “supership” on account of its size, is.

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Your Guide to Understanding Incoterms

Posted on 5th October 2013 – Shipping Vehicles

Incoterms are one of those things that most people will never hear about, yet still be able to lead a perfectly happy and fulfilling life! Of course, at McCullough, we can’t understand that as we live and breathe Incoterms, but if you are organising a shipment for the first time, whether for business or your own relocation, let us introduce you to what they are, as you will definitely need to understand them.

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