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Simple Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Posted on 15th June 2018

When it comes to vehicles, regular maintenance is key to extending their life by either preventing problems or sorting them out before they become really serious. And it doesn’t have to mean taking your car to your mechanic all the time. In fact, there is a number of tasks that can be done by everybody and should be done regularly.

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How Cold Affects Cars

Posted on 1st June 2018 – Car Maintenance

New Zealand's winter aren't quite like Siberia, but they are cold enough to affect vehicles. Give your car a little love this winter.

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The Longest-Lived Vehicles

Posted on 15th May 2018 – Classic Cars

Once cars have clocked 100,000 km, you would expect regular visits to your mechanics. Meet those that have reach millions of kilometers.

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Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian

Posted on 1st May 2018 – Car Technology

Every new technology comes with teething pains, and driverless vehicles have suffered them too with occasional crashes that resulted in material damage, but, recently, an Uber autonomous car has made the headline for something much more serious which could question the whole future of the technology as it killed a woman crossing a road in Arizona, USA.

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Are Today’s Cars Safer?

Posted on 15th April 2018 – Car Technology

All the literature you will find is unanimous: today’s cars are much safer than they were two decades ago. To prove this point, NCAP, the Euro New Car Assessment Programme in Europe, produced a video in 2017 to ‘celebrate’ its 20 years’ existence, by crashing a car from 1997 and one from 2017 and analysing the results. But are they, really?

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.