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New Zealand’s Great Road Trips

Posted on 14th February 2015 – Road Trips

New Zealand’s Great Road Trips Australia seems purpose-built for road trips – long, open roads hugging stunning coastlines, desolate deserts, lush rainforest, and soaring mountain ranges. And that’s why the classic Aussie panel vans, campers and powerful saloons have all become such collectible vehicles – even for people wanting to bring them across the Tasman to make the most of our own countryside.

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World’s Best Off-Roaders

Posted on 31st January 2015 – Car Reviews

World’s Best Off-Roaders New Zealand has a stunning network of back-country roads and tracks ranging from dirt and gravel surfaces to little more than hillside stock trails.

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Australia’s Classic Cars

Posted on 14th January 2015 – Classic Cars

Australia’s Classic Cars Although New Zealand has a pretty decent petrolhead culture with a grand history of racing, touring and collecting great cars, we miss out in the construction stakes compared to our Aussie cousins across The Ditch.

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A Guide to the First Half of the Year’s Car Shows and Motor Events in NZ

Posted on 19th December 2014 – Motoring Events

In summer in New Zealand the calendar is jam-packed with motorsport and events for fans of classic and vintage vehicles.

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The World’s Best Classic Car Shows

Posted on 14th October 2014 – Cars Shows

If anything else, we should be praised for our bravery to tackle a topic which, undoubtedly, will raise passionate arguments! Yes, we agree, what makes a classic car show the best will partly depend on the era or make of cars you are in love with, but nevertheless, some of them stand out by the range of cars they exhibit, their history and their worldwide appeal.

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