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The ‘Blood Money’ Car Collection Sells for over NZ$3 million

Posted on 14th September 2014 – Classic Cars

Classic cars are a good financial investment, but it rarely is the reason why collectors buy them. They are drawn to their beauty, their rarity, the legacy they come with and often an interesting background story.

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How to Compare Shipping Quotes

Posted on 29th August 2014 – Shipping Vehicles

How to Compare Shipping Quotes It is customary to shop around to get the best possible deal, and you can be commended for your astuteness when you contacted several shipping companies to get your 3 quotes! However, now that you have the said quotes in your hand, you may have found out that you can’t compare like for like as they all list different levels of service, group costs differently, or simply that the language used means little to you.

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The Ten Most Desirable Collectible Cars

Posted on 29th July 2014 – Classic Cars

Little boys become men, but some things don’t change: they still love their cars. Whether they buy them out of passion, because they have a need for speed, as an expression of social status or as an investment, true collectors always seek the latest models to add to their collection, and luckily, the automobile industry hasn’t yet come to the end of its creativity in designing new, exciting models.

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Guide to Shipping a Car from Australia to NZ

Posted on 24th June 2014 – Shipping Vehicles

Whether you are a New Zealander coming back home after a spot abroad, or an Australian emigrating to the most beautiful place on earth, shipping your car will be one of the many things you will have to organise.

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5 Smart Car Import and Relocation Tips

Posted on 29th April 2014 – Shipping Vehicles

Moving houses is one of the most stressful events in life, even when it is just a few streets down.

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Increased measures - Takata airbag recall.. Read more.